How long does it take to fit a kitchen? The kitchen is one of the most complex rooms to renovate, and the number of trades, appliances and products involved means the process can drag on if it’s not managed effectively.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen – Kitchen Planning

While it’s possible for your new kitchen renovation to be fitted within a week, in most situations it will take much longer.

Managing the timeline of a kitchen renovation is the key to a smooth renovation. Certain tasks need to happen before others, which means trades need to be scheduled in the right order.

How long does it take to fit a kitchen – Skilled Trades

A kitchen renovation almost always involves all key trades, and everyone needs to do their bit before the next part can start, which can result in pushed-back timelines if something is not organised well.

It’s also important to allow enough time for each stage in the process to be completed to avoid having to reschedule trades if one step takes longer than expected.

Kitchen Splash back

The type of kitchen splash-back also affects the timeline. Custom-made stone or glass splash backs take longer to install, but tile splash backs are quicker because tiles can be cut on site.

Kitchen Worktops

If you’ve got a kitchen with laminate worktops, typically your kitchen worktop gets delivered with the kitchen.
A laminate kitchen worktop can be installed within a week, but it normally takes about 10 days

However, kitchens with stone bench tops will take longer because the bench tops can’t be made until the kitchen cabinets are installed and exact measurements taken. Four to five weeks is the average turnaround. In the first week the old kitchen comes out and the new cabinets go in.

Then the template is made for the new kitchen worktops. It could take anywhere between two to three weeks for the worktop to be made. Ensure exact measurements are taken.

Big Kitchen Layouts

Bigger means slower! How long to renovate your kitchen? Bigger kitchens take longer to make, according to the director of B.E. Architecture and ILVE partner, Andrew Piva. “It may seem obvious, but most people discount just how much the size of the kitchen will determine your timeline.

With a bigger kitchen the cabinetry takes a longer time to make, then there are all the other trades like plumber and electrician that also come into play which can easily blow out your timeline.

Kitchen Design Layout

The complexity of your kitchen design will either make or break your timeline. Plan to avoid mistakes and delays: look at kitchen designs layouts or use special kitchen design tools to create your own.

If you are going for a bespoke kitchen with intricate cabinetry, appliances and features, it will take a longer time frame due to specific dimensions and features that won’t be readily available.

New Kitchen Appliances

Order early to avoid delays! One of the most common mistakes when planning a kitchen renovation is underestimating the lead time when ordering new kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances should be ordered first as, depending on what you require, they can take anywhere from one to two months to come if out of stock. This unfortunately could leave you at the end of your kitchen renovation without properly fitted appliances.

Specialised kitchen appliances take longer to order than off-the-shelf items.

Try to have as many kitchen appliances and tools as possible on-site and ready to be installed, the risk of delays is then minimised.

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