Dry Fit Kitchen Installation

A ‘Dry Fit’ kitchen installation is the assembly, customising and fitting of furniture together with sink, taps, appliances and light fittings installed but with final connections to services and any other supplementary works undertaken by client’s other appointed trades. 

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Dry Fit Kitchen Installation

Dry Fit Kitchen Installation

Dry fit installation process would normally include the physical removal of your old kitchen and fitting of your new one, but not any gas, electrical, plumbing, or cosmetic work like tiling, plastering or decorating. 

Your kitchen designer should issue you with drawings indicating the service required for your kitchen and the appliances therein. it is advisable that you always use these drawings in consultation with your contractor and take their recommendations. 

It is important to note that all service preparations and electrical/plumbing connections, building works (including the provision of a hole for the extractor duct) and any decoration must be carried out by your appointed contractors or your kitchen fitter will charge extra for any additional works.

kitchen and bathroom installation Dry Fit Kitchen Installation

Dry Fit Kitchen Installation

Exactly what is included in a dry fit can vary slightly depending on the fitter/supplier so double check with them what it includes and excludes. They should be happy to explain this to you.

If you think that the best option for you is the dry fit route, your fitter will expect to complete the installation works on a finished site. A Kitchen should be considered as a piece of furniture and installed only when other trades have finished on site, to avoid damage to the

Generally, the time it takes to complete a ‘Dry Fit’ installation service may depend on a number of factors. When every aspect of your requirement is known, the fitter will then be able to give you a realistic time to complete your installation.

In terms of costs, these will be usually on a fixed price basis, rather than day rates, therefore the cost shouldn’t change if it takes 5 days, 8 days or longer.

We will advise that you consider your options carefully if you require a full fit, consider using one company to complete all the works.

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