What Does a Kitchen Survey Entail?

A kitchen survey does not simply entail, as many people believe, running a tape measure around the existing kitchen to check it all fits.

Firstly, we will like to know if your kitchen had a professional design done and if you have a plan.

In most cases during the installation process the fitter will check the plan and amend to suit.

During a survey, checks will be made to ensure that the furniture will fit, and the design works in practice, is functional and contains all the elements you need.

This includes confirming the position of units and choices as illustrated in plans. Worktop joins, colours, profiles and splash-backs are also confirmed.

The survey process also includes checks for electrical and plumbing requirement.

Depending on the type of electrical appliances you purchase, you may have to consider changes to the existing electrical works.

If the kitchen has not been planned then that is your next step, get in touch with your designer to discuss your needs.

If you happen to be in the area we cover, which is London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, contact us and we will help with all aspects of your new kitchen.

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Having completed this thorough check you can sit back and relax knowing that every aspect of your new kitchen is going to meet your high expectations.

At 4 Dimension Construction, we manage every kitchen and bathroom project from conception to completion. 

We have devised key stages into each process to ensure we fully understand the client’s requirements, this ensures that your kitchen installation/remodelling goes to plan.

As every single kitchen project is different we can fully adapt these stages to each client’s individual requests.

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